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"Thank you for the amazing food and service you and your staff provided. It was a huge success. Also, thanks for dealing with all the wedding craziness that ensued over the course of the day. I don't know how you do it! I will be recommending you without a doubt."- Natalie

If there’s a word that describes Jonathan Preskow’s signature style, it’s Exuberant Characterized by fresh, invigorating tastes and tempting aromas, each dish bursts with artfully balanced flavour and texture.

Jonathan Preskow Catering Inc. specializes in finely catered foods for corporate events, meetings, lunches, reception parties and gala events. Ask him about his delivered catered lunches available within the GTA.

Jonathan’s style and care for detail shine in his catered private dining. Whether it’s a dinner for 2 or more than 40, Jonathan will work with you to prepare a customized menu that will impress your guests.

Let us surround you and your guests with lavish hospitality, phenomenal service and exceptional attention to detail.

Contact us now for more information and to book your next event.